New build apartments, Bowdon

VALUE: Confidential

STATUS: Tender


A development of 4no. high end apartments with each apartment occupying the entire floor of the building with an extensive footprint. The building is conceived as a large villa set within landscaped grounds as is typical of the area. Furthermore, the footprint and location of the building adheres to the parameters established with a previous planning approval on the site.

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Architecturally, the design of the building is undertaken in a contemporary style, incorporating the building methods and technologies of the time, much in the same way that many of the notable buildings within the wider Devisdale Conservation Area were formed to reflect the building methods and technologies of their own time. In order to ensure that the proposal reflects the character of the local area the intention has been for the principles of the historic Victorian Villas, in terms of their materials, proportions, quality and detailing to be interpreted in a contemporary manor within the design of this building.