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New two-bed apartment in listed Mill, Manchester

VALUE: £100k

STATUS: Completed

The Fisher Residence

The residence is situated within a listed textile mill, originally built in 1869. The mill has been brought back to life and sold as residential shells for individuals to create their own contemporary insertions. The brief demanded an open plan two-bedroom apartment and in the true sense of ‘loft living’ an expression of a modern aesthetic within the industrial quality of the existing built fabric.

The layout introduces ‘pod’ insertions in the form of three walnut veneered boxes that are used to break down the space and exist as elements that float within the existing shell. Key to the design is a solution that isn’t just a series of the usual thin partition walls but something where each ‘wall’ has a thickness, a function, and allows the sensitive introduction of new floating ceiling elements under the existing beams without hiding them from view. The new insertions are carefully sited so as to enable the appreciation of the building’s listed fabric and volume and not carve up the space into a series of cellular boxes. An entrance sequence has been generated that allows the volume to unfold as you enter whilst key views through the space have been composed to enhance appreciation of the fusion of original and contemporary components.

AWARDS: RIBA Regional Award (Shortlisted – 2012), Manchester Society of Architects Design Award (2012), Northern Design Award (2011)