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Conversion of existing Victorian Public House & new build family dwellings, Manchester

VALUE: £1.4m

STATUS: Complete

The Church Inn

The Church Inn was built in 1897 but fell into disuse and was ravaged by a fire in 2006. The project provides twelve new dwellings. The existing building is converted into four grand townhouses with a further six cottages and two apartments on the remainder of the site.

Northenden lies on the banks of the River Mersey and is located just over 5 miles from Manchester City Centre and close to leafy Didsbury.

In 1641 a ferry boat crossing was installed over the River Mersey at Northenden and in 1642 a ford was also constructed providing the only river crossing for miles. The street names of Boat Lane and Ford Lane still exist nearby. The proposed design celebrates the sites historical connection with the river and references boat house design whilst respecting the Conservation Area setting. All dwellings are raised up to respond to the sites position within a flood plan.