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New build detached family dwelling, Bramhall

VALUE: £300k

STATUS: Completed

Ridge Park

The new house replaces an existing 1930’s bungalow in an established suburban setting. The accommodation has been split to create two distinct buildings; one for sleeping, one for living. The building that houses the living accommodation is a large open volume with large areas of glazing that open out into the garden; a place for activity, living and entertaining. The building that houses the sleeping accommodation has the feeling of greater enclosure and security, a robust building with smaller openings.

The living accommodation is orientated along a north-south axis and is dual aspect, providing windows to the east and west elevations. This part of the house sits as a pavilion or tent in the garden. Its forms are derived from the surrounding dormer bungalows with pitched roofs and hipped gables with attached single storey garages.

AWARDS: Manchester Society of Architects Design Award (2008)

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The form of the two storey building is chamfered to follow the defined building line set five metres from the back of pavement. The materials have been chosen from the palette that exists in the surrounding area to ensure the new dwelling sits comfortably with its neighbours.

The whole house is super-insulated with the single-storey element built using solid glued masonry and the two storey element using a timber frame structure with recycled newspaper insulation. The house includes whole house ventilation and rainwater harvesting.