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New Building Apartments, Manchester

VALUE: Confidential

STATUS: Planning


The project consists of 16 apartments in Ardwick on a small, unoccupied brownfield site. The site is within the zone forming part of the Central Manchester Strategic Regeneration area. The approach to the design draws on the rich history of the area, formerly the Theatre District of Ardwick in the early part of the 20th century, which has subsequently declined but still retains the O2 Apollo Theatre in the immediate vicinity of the site.

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This material context is reflected in the use of white brick and high windows, while subtle hints of Art Deco design, apparent on the Apollo Theatre, are incorporated. A link back to the historical terrace housing that were once in the area is defined through the plan form of the apartments that follow the typical footprint of such housing. This allows the introduction of a central lightwell and courtyard space which mitigates the constrained nature of the site and an outlook only available to the two short sides. Furthermore a communal roof terrace is also incorporated to provide an outdoor space for residents’ use.