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New build apartments, Salford

VALUE: Confidential

STATUS: Planning


The project consists of 104 apartments in Greengate, a rapidly developing district at the centre of the Salford and Manchester urban area. The approach to both construction and social function draws from a rich local history; that of the factory and the artisan’s dwelling and workshop, as well as the patchwork of neighbouring architectural heritage: the pub, the swimming baths, the racquet club and the recording studio.

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This material context is reflected in the use of red brickwork varying in tone and in the industrial form of the roofscape. The historic element of the brick blind window is adapted and arranged to create a sculptural pattern. Where volumes are subtracted from the mass of the building in order to form recessed balconies, reveals are white brickwork referencing the facades discoverable in courtyards, light wells and side streets.

Communal living space is connected to shared kitchen and dining spaces as well as shared functions such as a laundrette and on-site electric vehicle hire. Likewise the courtyard is designed as a communal outdoor space incorporating a glasshouse.